About the Booth Photography Guild

The Booth Photography Guild offers educational opportunities related to all aspects of digital photography. The Guild is open to anyone interested in photography – no matter his or her skill level. Monthly meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at The Booth Museum. (Due to Covid-19 restrictions, image reviews, classes and meetings are held via Zoom.) Membership in the BPG is $24 per year in addition to The Booth membership. For more information contact The Booth Museum at (770) 387-1300. For programming and speaker schedules visit the BPG Meetup site by clicking here.

“Mesa Verde” by Arnold Abelman

The BPG was founded in late 2010 by photographers who were members of The Booth Museum. An extensive exhibit of Yellowstone National Park photography by nationally renowned photographer Tom Murphy in 2010, and the 2011 six-month exhibition of Ansel Adams’ original works generated more awareness of photography as art.

The Guild continues to grow and has 200 members from areas around Atlanta and north Georgia. Through its museum affiliation, the Guild is able to provide programming of a national scale. In addition to its monthly programming, the following national photography programs and exhibitions have been presented by The Booth Museum and BPG and are available on DVD at the museum:

  • Jay Dusard, Photography of the North American Cowboy, 2009
  • Tom Murphy, national wildlife photographer and naturalist, 2010
  • Ansel Adams, 2010-2011
  • National Geographic’s Greatest Photographs of the American West, 2012
  • Peter Essick, photographer, National Geographic
  • Parish Kohanim, 2012 Canon Explorer of Light Photographer
  • Onne Van der wal, Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, 2013
  • The President’s Photographers: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office, 2015 (5 visiting Chief Whitehouse Photographers)
  • Ansel Adams, 2015-16, “Ansel Adams: before and After”

Booth Photography Guild is a part of The Booth Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate