All volunteer positions are held by BPG members:

             (if you are interested in volunteering, please contact the

President    Lynn Henderson

Vice President/Programming  –  John Mariana

Learning Center Chair   –  John Mariana  learning

Outings Chair  –  Pam Randolph

Secretary  –  Clara Williams

Exhibitions/Shows  –  Jennifer Boykin

Social Media/IT   –  Josh Davis

Audio/Visual Team  –  Scott Blaker, Jim Carroll, Ken Hennard

ShootOut Chair   –  Jane Taylor

Web Site –  Dan Malowany

Monthly Meetings SignIn –   Liz Gentry (Booth Staff Liaison)

assisted by Debbie Hudson of BPG

SiGs:   Hal Smith,  Coffee & Critiques of Digital Images

Gerard Verzaal,  Basic Photography SIG

Arnold Abelman,  Photoshop Workflow

Victor Mulinix,  Coffee & Critiques SIG of Prints

Quarterly BPG Critiques  – Jerry Black, John Mariana, and selected BPG Members


The BPG leadership Team reports to the BPG Board which reports to:

    Seth Hopkins,  Executive Director, Booth Western Art Museum,