Monthly Speaker Meetings

Each monthly meeting includes an educational speaker presenting topics related to current trends in photography. Potential speakers are carefully selected for their photography expertise and presentation skills. Some of the meetings may include “open critiques” of member’s images, or critiques by the judges of the BPG Fall Exhibition that is displayed in the museum’s Borderlands Gallery.

Saturday, July 31, 2021 11:00am – Bergman Theater
Doors open at 10:30 am
Also available through Zoom.  Join Zoom Meeting

“Out of Africa and Into the West”

Graham will present how he developed his unique styles called “In Search of White” and “Out of Obscurity.” These prints can be seen in person after lunch at the opening reception of his exhibition in the Viewing America Gallery on the second floor of the museum.

Graham is a master at infrared photography. He will present his approach to capturing infrared images in Africa and the American West. The presentation will cover his approach for some specific images as he shows them on the large theater screen. The final print requires after the capture enhancements to present the image as a high-quality Black & White print.

He will show one of his images andexplain the time and place of capture and then the technique for creating the final print.

He will briefly describe his approach to equipment and shooting out in nature, but the real value of the presentation will be the “reverse engineering” of two of his iconic images that will be available “Out of Africa and Into the West.”

When confronted with a scene, Graham sees the finished image in his mind before the shutter is clicked. Without this foreknowledge you are just shooting in the dark and hoping for a lucky accident.

Arriving in the USA from London in 1997 Graham Hobart offers a unique approach to photography. Growing up in Africa and having lived on three continents explains why his work is anything but ordinary. He explored much of the African subcontinent, often by canoe or bicycle.

During these travels he realized that he just had to have a camera to record all the incredible experiences. He became a photographer in 1985 from the desire to share his experiences and stories with others.

The thrill of the pursuit for the perfect image has not left Graham. He explains, “Because people trust me with a camera, I feel like I have been given a VIP pass to so many amazing events and experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be available to me.”